Welcome to the official website of the Qatar National Robot Olympiad!

This exciting competition is open to students aged 25 and under. The students work with a mentor coach to solve challenges using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robotic kits. This is part of a world-wide competition involving over 20,000 teams from over 50 countries!

As part of the competition preparation, teachers are offered up to 30 hours of instruction in robotics programming at the College of the North Atlantic - Qatar. These teachers then train their students of how to build and program robots, and the students compete on how best to solve the challenge.

The Qatar National Robot Olympiad finals will be held in October 2017.

Watch at vimeo.com

This year we will be hosting four competition categories, Regular (3 levels), and GenII Football (1 level).

Regular Caterogy
The Regular Category competitions also follow the sustainability theme, with challenges for 'Sustainable Tourism', 'Carbon Neutrality', and 'Renewable and Clear Energy'. Details are available in the Challenges section. The age groups for the Regular Category are Elementary, Middle School, and High School level.

GenII Football
In this exciting category, each team fields two robots, a forward and a goal tender. The football is a special part that emits infrared light in all directions, and the robots are equipped with an IRSeeker sensor and a Compass sensor, allowing them to detect the ball and aim in the direction of the opposing goal. Detailed rules for this event are available in the Challenges section.